Australian Shorthorns is the country’s preeminent Shorthorn breed organisation dedicated to fostering and promoting the commercial attributes of Shorthorns.

We’re proud to be the official administrator of both the Australian Shorthorn and the Beef Shorthorn herd books.

Through this, Australian Shorthorns cater to breeders looking to take advantage of the flexibility available through the Australian Shorthorn Herd Book – including strong emphasis on the poll gene – as well as those keen to preserve the purity of breed required by the Beef Shorthorn Herd Book.

Membership brings a wide range of benefits and privileges to enrich ownership of the shorthorn breed, backed by a strong network of support.

Our breeders respect the past, but are not hobbled by history. We give them an expansive platform from which they can continue to improve the breed into the future;  our breeder members also gain access to a range of innovative technology and tools.

This includes access to the genomic testing and profiling of a wealth of important breed and animal information – the results of which can be seen by potential buyers through our ABRI online services.

In addition, our online marketplace is the destination of choice for those looking to buy or sell cattle and equipment, and those wanting to purchase our herd books.

Two centuries of adaptation and development, driven ever forward by innovation.

Australian Shorthorns - Uniquely Australian.