Shorthorn breeding – and crossbreeding with compatible bloodlines – has produced high quality cattle in Australia, with market demand continuing to maintain premium returns.

Two centuries of breeding, development, innovation and adaptation has brought Australian Shorthorns to their present excellence. For 200 years, the breed has given stud breeders and commercial breeders – including cross-breeders – a premium return for a premium product.

Today, the Shorthorn industry is thriving – thanks to interest in breeding for stud purposes along with increased commercial herd breeding – satisfying market demand for high-quality meat, particularly for export and trade.

Australian Shorthorns provides essential resources to all breeders. For both stud breeders intent on protecting the purity of the original bloodline and large-herd commercial breeders, all the necessary services and registration requirements are available through this website or by contacting the Federal Secretary on 0419 317 990.