Following an exhaustive investigation of available options, the Society has entered into a contract with Weatherbys Scientific Australia for the provision of genotyping solutions to Society members.

Since 1770, Weatherbys has had a continuous and major role in the administration of the bloodstock industry of the UK and Ireland.

It is the keeper of the General Stud book, which is the ‘mother stud book’ to which all other registers of Thoroughbred breeding across the world trace their ancestry and format. It is also the owner of Weatherbys Bank, one of only two family-owned private banks in the UK.

Then, more than 20 years ago, it expanded its genomic services to bovine and other animal species. It uses Illumina technology to provide services including parentage verification, SNP verification, single gene testing, pedigree searching, species identification and forensic testing. Over the past three years, it has analysed more than 2.3 million samples worldwide.

For 10 years now, Weatherbys Scientific has been the genotyping service provider for the Irish Cattle Breeding Federation.  In England, it provides genotyping services to the Angus, Charolais, Hereford and Shorthorn societies.

Weatherbys Scientific Australia has had a presence in Australia and New Zealand since 2019 and is committed to the bovine industry, servicing several breeds in both countries.  It provides an extremely cost-effective service to users, which – at a time of depressed cattle prices – is of particular importance.

Weatherbys Genomic Services is accessed using a simple pro forma.  The procedure for submitting samples, paying for services provided and receiving data is also simple. Details will soon be posted on the Society website.  In the meantime, contact the Secretary by email ( or phone  (0419 317 990) to obtain details.