13 March 2024

JBS has recently advised Australian Shorthorns that, as from 30 April, it will not be continuing with the Thousand Guineas program.  Whilst I am confident that JBS will continue to buy shorthorns it is a disappointing decision. Members have enthusiastically supported the program by supplying JBS with top class cattle suitable for the branded product, and Australian Shorthorns itself has done much to promote sales to JBS.   It is the discontinuance of the branded product which is disappointing.

The upshot is that, from 30 April, any member who wishes to sell cattle to JBS will not require Thousand Guineas certification.

The Thousand Guineas program, useful though it was in lifting the profile of shorthorns, was far from being the be all and end all of Australian Shorthorns’ constant steps to adapt, develop and innovate in the Australian beef industry.  You can be sure that Australian Shorthorns will continue to enhance breeders’ access to proven genetics. You can be sure that Australian Shorthorns will continue to promote the outstanding commercial attributes of the breed to the greatest extent possible.  You can be sure too that Australian Shorthorns will fully explore opportunities for the advantageous supply of shorthorns to feedlots and abattoirs.  Many members, of course, have continued to supply stock to such buyers throughout the period of the Thousand Guineas program.

If you have any questions, or feedback, please ring me (0427 826 342) or email (maltonshorthorns@outlook.com), or else contact the Secretary (0419 317 990) or email (office@australianshorthorns.au).

Kind Regards,

Peter  WT Falls, President