Scott Bruton of Roly Park Australian Shorthorns has advised his “highest achievement to date at the Sydney Royal Carcase competition with 3 steer carcases all receiving Silver Medals for their carcase scores, and all receiving 20/20 for their individual market specifications.  We were 2nd out of 40 in the Light weight class 5  with a score of 87.61;  another steer in the same class scored 86.04.  The third steer placed 2nd (missing out by .05 of a point) in securing the win scoring 85.60.

The 3 carcasses also went on to take out 1st place in the Breeders Carcase Group class with a total score of 259.25.

One of the steers was selected in the Shorthorn Stan Hill team of 3 that were placed 2nd overall with a score of 254.96.”